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Installation instructions for Stratagus

Software Requirements

  • A supported operating system: Linux, Linux Maemo based devices, Mac OS X, BSD, Possibly any other Unix/POSIX OS.
    Microsoft Windows 98 SE, or higher.
    NOTE: some features of Winsock2 (WS2_32.DLL) are used. So even if you plan to play single player only, WinNT4.0 users will need Service Pack 3 or higher and Windows 95 users will need the winsock 2 update.

  • CMake (required).
  • SDL (required).
  • libpng (required).
  • zlib (required).
  • Lua 5.1 (required).
  • Tolua++ (required).

  • LibOSSO - part of Maemo SDK (required on Maemo).
  • SDL gles - part of SDL hildon - needed for OpenGL ES 1.1 (instead OpenGL).

  • libogg (recommended).
  • libvorbis (recommended).
  • libtheora (recommended).

  • libmikmod (optional).
  • libbzip2 (optional).
  • libmng (optional).
  • SQLite (optional).
  • DoxyGen (optional).
For MSVC user, these libraries/headers can be downloaded here

Hardware Requirements

  • Memory: 64 MB of RAM.
  • Video Card: Any graphics card that can handle 16 bpp and 640x480 is supported. (Use of OpenGL requires a 32MB Card)
  • Sound Card: Optional.
  • Processor: A 300 MHz CPU (faster recommended).
    NOTE: Stratagus is believed to be endian and word size safe, so other architectures like (big endian) PPC or (64bit) Alpha should also work at least with Linux.

Installation from sources

  • Step 1, Download and Extract:
    • Download the source code.
    • Extract the source stratagus-VERSION.tar.gz with 'tar -zxvf stratagus-VERSION.tar.gz'

  • Step 2, Compile:

    • Create 'build' directory in toplevel stratagus tree and here run:
      'cmake .. && make'

    • For MSVC users :
      cmake.exe -DENABLE_STATIC=ON -G"Visual Studio 10"
      the CMake option -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=c:/path/to/3rd/ enable CMake to find
      • executables in : c:/path/to/3rd/bin/
      • headers in c:/path/to/3rd/include/
      • libraries in c:/path/to/3rd/lib/
      You can now use the generated solution.

  • Step 3: Build packages

    This step is optional.
    You can build debian packages by using 'debuild' directly.

  • Step 4, Run:

    You may now go into the toplevel stratagus directory and run the binary. Remember, you have to obtain the game data to start the engine. By default, stratagus looks in './data', if your data is in a different location you will need to run stratagus with '-d /path_to_data'.

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